Parks & Facilities Asset Management Plan

Xyst reviewed and updated the Mackenzie District Council’s Parks Facilities & Public Places Asset Management Plan (AMP). This involved multiple thorough checks, incorporating new data gathered over the past three years. Importantly, the insights derived from the Council’s AMP played a pivotal role in shaping both the capital and operational budgets within the Council’s Long Term Plan (LTP), helping to ensure the formulation of strategic and informed decisions.

Recognising the significance of Asset Management Plans, Xyst’s efforts were directed towards consolidating crucial data and information. The resulting AMP serves as a foundational document, facilitating well-informed decisions. This strategic approach not only aids in the seamless delivery of activities but also provides a map for the renewal, improvement, and expansion of the Council’s asset portfolio.

Project Benefit

Xyst prepared the 2024- 2034 Parks & Facilities Asset Management Plan on behalf of the Mackenzie District Council.
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