Contract Performance Auditing

Nelson City Council engaged Xyst to carry out contract performance auditing. Xyst has developed an inspection template using a mobile app that allows performance against a set of performance measures from contract specifications to be scored from 1 to 5 and to produce an overall percentage score for each location. Activities audited include grass maintenance, gardens, annual beds, roses, trees, furniture, paths, roads and other hard surfaces, litter collection, etc.

A report is produced for each site that includes images and provides detailed score for each site features as well as an overall score. Responses that score a 1 or 2 were flagged for immediate attention. Analysis of results can identify the most frequently flagged items which helps to identify patterns of poor performance.

This method is completely objective and provides a useful back-up for contract managers when they need to deal with poor contract performance.

Project Benefit

Nelson City Council has at various times during 2020 to 2022 requested that Xyst staff carry out contract performance auditing of open space maintenance operations in sports parks, cemeteries and street gardens.
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