Bass Coast Tracks and Trails Strategy

This strategy identified 36 new trail opportunities to expand the trail network that has been identified during the development of this strategy, (emerging from background research, existing plans and key stakeholder consultation) and to respond specifically to:
• recreation trends and preferences
• existing trails network gaps
• physical linkages/connections
• opportunities to enhance community understanding and appreciation of our unique environment
• trails market segments
• gaps in the provision
• opportunities to improve community health and wellbeing outcomes
• opportunities to develop the visitor economy (and the Shire’s trails offer)

High level cost estimates have been assigned to each project to help guide Council’s long-term financial planning. Costs indicated are purely construction costs and do not include design, planning or permits.

Project Benefit

Xyst in partnership with Emerge Ltd developed a Tracks and Trails Strategy with the aim of creating a trail network that “offered a connected and accessible trail network that supports active and healthy communities, showcases and protects the natural environment and encourages increased visitation to the region.”
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